Ballpoint Goose Quill Pen

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References to the feather quill pens occur as early as the 6th century CE, as the scribes of the medieval European monasteries and the great Islamic libraries safeguarded their collections of illuminated manuscripts against the perils of the Middle Ages. The history of Europe and the Americas continued to be written with the quill pen as patriots, artists, and scholars created their lasting contributions to civilization. Although mass produced steel pen points replaced the quill pen by the late 19th century, the fine sharpness and flexibility of the quill nib still gives enjoyment to the calligrapher and the artist as well as the historian.

Our ballpoint quill pens are crafted of the same finest quality bleached white goose pointers, with a ballpoint ink cartridge inserted in the barrel of the feather. These pens are sold unpackaged.

Recommended for children aged 8 years and above.