Cooperman Company Vermont workshop
Cooperman Company at our old Cowings Mill sawmill
Cooperman Company shop workers
Cooperman HistoryLives black plastic fife

Cooperman HistoryLives: Historical Toys, Games, and Musical Instruments for Museum Stores

.History lives in the small details of everyday life. Timeless toys, games, musical instruments, and household goods give insight into the lives of those who owned them. Was a toy bought or homemade, wood or ivory? Was the fife for war or amusement or both? How were coins used? What were jacks made of? We’ve been answering these questions and more for your visitors for over 60 years.

Explore our handcrafted, Vermont made historical toys, games, musical instruments, and other museum store products.

Cooperman HistoryLives Game of Graces, with our own steam bent solid wood hoops.