Hohner Harmonicas

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We're sorry to say that a very popular harmonica, the Hohner Blues Band, has been adversely impacted by the pandemic shutdowns and supply chain delays. Please expect possible delays in filling orders.

Harmonicas were among the novelties widely advertised for Christmas in 1833; by the mid 1800's, cowboys played harmonicas on the long trails west and many a Civil War solider had a harmonica in his pocket. A staple of early American mail-order catalogs, harmonicas are still heard today in nearly every form of popular music.

We package Hohner harmonicas with our own history insert in a poly bag with a history insert. Choose from the Hohner Blues Band harmonica in a soft cardboard box (brown insert card) or the Hohner Old Standby harmonica in a ahard plastic box (blue insert card). Both are in the Key of C.

This is a musical instrument, not a toy. Recommended for adults and children aged 6 years and above.