Rolling Hoops

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We bend our hoops here at our Vermont shop in the traditional way, steaming green lumber from local trees to form bent wood parts for our musical instruments as well as our toys and games.

Children have been rolling hoops since the time of ancient Greeks through the hula hoop craze of the 1950's. The early North American colonists brought this pastime with them from Europe, and hoop rolling remained enormously popular throughout the 19th century. The hoop can be trundled along in solitary play or raced by any number of players.

We craft our rolling hoops of solid native hardwoods, 28" in diameter by 1/4" thick. A dowel is included as a pushing stick; a hang tag provides history and instructions.

The most cost effective shipping choice for rolling hoops is to order 8 hoops or less, or multiples of 8 hoops, due to the size of the box re: dimensional shipping charges.

Not for children under 3. Recommended for adults and children aged 8 years and above.